Safety & Security
Camelot Place Nursing Home

Rest Easy

Safety is a growing concern for many. But, Camelot Place can ease the worries of living alone in our state-of-art facility that marries freedom and safety with security for an enjoyable environment for our residents.

Our open courtyard allows residents to enjoy feeding plants or birds while remaining within the facility. Spend time enjoying the outdoors without worry and without leaving the ground of Camelot.

Not only does our memory unit utilize advanced Wanderguard bracelets to give residents freedom without the risk, but they are used throughout the facility. Each wrist band ensures those facing dementia or Alzheimer’s are kept safe while still enjoying the facility.

Residents can rest easy knowing access to Camelot is limited and monitored by security cameras. We take no chances with the well being of our residents, which means our entire facility was built to withstand 140 miles per hour hurricane winds. A backup generator ensures you never skip a beat no matter the storms that come. Take a tour today and see how Camelot Place can be your safe new home.

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