Camelot Place Nursing Home

Imagine the advantages of therapy in your own home. Welcome to rehabilitation at Camelot Place. We are not your average nursing home. Our qualified staff and therapy rooms allow residents to get healthy and stay healthy without leaving their new home.

Our therapies are all provided to residents in an inviting and invigorating environment conducive to healing and strengthening. The holistic approach to care at Camelot Place never ends. Each therapy service is customized for you.

All therapy is individually designed with one thing in mind — your needs. Each patient’s capabilities are considered when our therapists get to work. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Our inter-disciplinary team works as one to bring well-rounded care to those living at Camelot Place.

Experienced and licensed therapists are on hand to ensure the highest level of care and effective methods. Add to that the mission of Camelot to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of our residents, and patients find themselves ready for success.

We are well-equipped with the tools needed to help our patients move forward in their efforts. State-of-the-art medical and exercise equipment in a safe environment along with skilled, loving and highly motivated therapists are a recipe to help each individual resident at Camelot Place reach their potential success.

Our Occupational Therapists focus on maximizing independence in everyday tasks while Speech Therapists work to improve communication barriers and identify swallowing issues. For those who need Physical Therapy, our trained staff of therapists work to promote and restore mobility. An ADL room (Activities for Daily Living) gives residents a real-life experience to see just how ready they are to take on everyday tasks like cooking and making a bed.

Schedule a tour today and see how our rehabilitation services are second to none.

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